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Lessons to 30: Making Music YOU Love

Updated: Apr 16

Freddie Mercury performing at Wembley
By Neal Preston: Freddie Mercury Performing at Wembley

Category: Music Industry

The thing that I've learnt, that I'm about to share, is quite simple and so seems very obvious. Here it is: Make music YOU like.

If you're not in the music industry, you might feel this is a no-brainer but the thing is, many artists have to find a way to withstand the onslaught of opinions about their creative tastes. "It's too pop", "it's too dark", "it's not happy enough", "why isn't it more upbeat?" and so on so forth.

In a sea of opinions, it becomes easy to sink instead of adjusting to the ebb and flow of the waves. While some opinions/words of advice are great and help transform a track for the better, at the end of the day you need to create what feels right to you.

I used to get really frustrated by the many opinions, especially of those who aren't even in the industry. This would usually come when I had played them a demo. A demo, as most of us know, is just a simple track of the song and, for the most part, doesn't accurately project what the finished sound will be. That's the beauty of songwriting, it can go so many different ways.

Nowadays, it's only a handful of people I play the unfinished version to. I play it for those who I trust to guide me in the right direction and whose opinion I respect. Too many people, when asked to listen to a song, automatically feel the need to become critical instead of just enjoying the sound.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed by people's opinions, take some quiet time and reflect inwards. What is it you want? What is your goal? Once you know that, it's easier to choose who to listen to for advice.

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