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Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation & Lancôme Effacernes Longue Tenue concealer

Lancôme Teint Miracle & Effacernes Longue Tenue

If you've read my first beauty review, you'll know I have FOFC (Fear of full-coverage). Cakey foundation is literally my makeup nightmare and when watching my favourite makeup artists on YouTube, I make note of what not to buy as they all love full-coverage foundation,

A few weeks ago, I bought the Lancôme Teint miracle foundation when I was on the hunt for a new concealer. The lady in the store applied Lancôme's effacernes longue tenue concealer, and it literally erased every bad night's sleep I've ever had. I wasn't wearing any foundation, so the concealed eye area looked a little freaky compared to my naturally patchy face. So I asked the shop assistant to recommend a foundation that was sheer, and voila, the teint miracle.

For this blog post, I initially applied the foundation with my fingertips, but it was coming on cakey, which of course annoyed me. It was the first day back at uni, and I had no time to redo my face, so I went to school looking less than ideal. I was hyperaware of my foundation looking unnatural. The following day (photos you see here) I decided to redeem myself by applying the foundation with an oval brush, and it applied exactly how I wanted it to. For the sake of experimentation and a fair review, I didn't powder the foundation to ensure no oiliness, only under my eye to minimise creasing.

So here is how it went....

The teint mircale foundation retails at £32.00 and comes in a sleek glass bottle with a pump applicator. On the bottle it says "hydrating foundation natural healthy look" and upon initial application (with an oval brush) I felt that was true. It also has SPF 15, which nowadays plays an important role as to whether I buy a face product or not: I'm trying not to let the sun age my skin faster than it needs to! The concealer comes in at £23.50 and the packaging is less impressive, but it's thin nozzle makes the concealer easy to work with. It also brags SPF 30, so I can forgive the packaging. Like the foundation, I transitioned from using my finger as an applicator, to using a small oval brush.

Above left is before application (obviously) and right, after application of the concealer, foundation and all the other extras. As can be seen, the foundation erased all my redness and created an even skin tone, nor do I feel that the end result looks cakey.

I applied my face at 8am and was first back in the apartment at about 6pm. The foundation got a nice 10 hour joy ride, which consisted of walking through the polluted London streets, sitting in a hot classroom for 6 hours, and my inability not to touch my face throughout the day. I did try and avoid the latter as much as I could! Throughout the day, I realized my forehead was getting more oily and breaking up the foundation. I resisted the urge to pat it down with toilet paper so that I could photograph the true end result (you're welcome).

I tried taking the photo without flash, but without it, you couldn't see the oiliness. You can definitely see that the foundation has started breaking off and the nice even skin tone at 8am is no more with us. The pores around my nose are also visible, as are the frown lines around my mouth. I would ideally have liked the foundation to pull through a little longer before breaking up, especially as I used a primer and setting spray to lock it in. That said, I do really like the foundation and I have found a way to make it last so that it doesn't get this oily: I use a my biggest oval brush and press it into the powder of my Urban Decay NAKEDSKIN shapeshifter pallette, and pat it on before using the setting spray. If you want this foundation to last throughout the day, you do really need to take the extra step to prime, powder and spray. However, I do feel that is the case with most foundations. That said, if a barely-there face is what you're looking for, I can definitely recommend this foundation.

On the photo you can see that I'm whiter under the eyes, compared to the rest of my face; that, ladies and gents, is the concealer hanging in there. I'm quite impressed by the longevity of the concealer. I highly recommend it.

Below is an image of all the products I used

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