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Lessons to 30: Ironing Tip *yawning*

Updated: Apr 16

Ironing instructions
Learning how to read ironing instructions

Category: Random bag of fun (not so fun in this case)

I belong to the category of people who did not know how to properly do their laundry when they made it out of the house and into college.

Needless to say, I shrank a good amount of clothes in my first year away from home *crying*

When it comes to ironing, I find it so tedious and boring that, these days, I try to buy clothes that don't require ironing. However, in the cases that I had to plug in the iron, I usually just cranked it to the highest setting and off I went. Turns out, the clothing label indicates how hot the iron should be.....and that took me until 2021 to realise *pitiful*

So, if like me laundry isn't your strong suit, then look-y here. See the iron symbol on the clothes tag and the dot inside it? Now see those dots on your iron? In my example, there's one dot on the iron on the clothes tag, which means I should be ironing on the one dot setting.

Yes, only took me until the age of 29 to realise this.

So, if you read this and you're shaking your head worried about my terrible domestication, see it as a reminder to pass on this information to the young ones. Oh, and remind them to unplug the iron when they're done.

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