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Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

A warm bronzer that gives a nice natural finish with the use of Soft Blurring Technology


Continuing from my last post about my trip to the Nars store in Covent Garden, here's a review of the bronzer (in the shade falaises) I purchased.

Although the Nars makeup artist gave me an awesome all over glow with the bronzer, it took me a few attempts to replicate it. The consistency of the bronzer was a bit waxy to start off with, and I felt like I was unable to lift up much product without a good swipe of the brush. However, I’m not disappointed by the results after a few applications. It looks like the product just needed a bit of use before it kicked into full gear.

The bronzer gives me a warm glow and I use it to contour as well. I was hunting for a bronzer that could do both deeds, and so I’m pleased with the Nars makeup artist’s recommendation. The contour powder I was using before was appearing as a grey tone on my skin, so I needed a bronzer that defined and gave my skin a nice warm glow. I use a small Morphe E8 to contour my cheeks and around the hair line and jaw line. Then I use the big fluffy Morphe E41 to sweep the bronzer over cheekbones and lightly over the places I’ve already contoured. The bronzer blends beautifully into the sheer glow foundation that I got.

Another plus: the mirror inside the compact #yyaaaassss It riles me when expensive products don't come with a mirror if the packaging allows for it (e.g. eyeshadow palettes, powder bronzers, powder blush etc.).

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