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You, Unravelling

I watch the idea of you unravel in front of me. 

I know better now than to intervene, and I take the rose-tinted coloured glasses off.

You are not mine to save. 

The landscape behind you is darkening, the tornados start to swirl. 

No matter which way I look at you, I cannot be in your world. 

I’m not convinced you’re ready to leave the shadows and I only recently found my light. 

I’ve turned the puzzle pieces of us in every direction, but I cannot get them to fit. 

I so badly want them to. 

With a quiet sadness I realise that you too are a dream I must let go of. 

So I softly step back and simply observe - no wild actions or declarations. 

No begging you to love me or outrageous requests for either of us to change. 

I step back not because it is easy, not because it is what I want. 

I step back because I know I deserve more than the little you give. 

I watch the dream of us unravel. 

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