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Iconic London Illuminator

Mother of all highlighters

The mother of all highlighters. One highlighter to rule them all. It is none other than the Iconic London illuminator. I first came across this amazing product when I started watching makeup artist Jamie Genevieve’s YouTube channel. I was immediately obsessed with the dewy glow she was able to achieve with this highlighter and went online to order it right away. Unfortunately, it was out of stock, so I signed up for a re-stock email announcement.

A few weeks later I was the happy owner of the original illuminator and the limited edition one. Since then, the limited edition one has become a staple, now known as shine. Original is a warm glowy hue while shine is like bottled liquefied pearls. Both are stunning and about two weeks ago I ran out of the original.

The 13.5ml superstar has the hefty price tag of £30, but it’s truly a great investment. This is another product where “a little goes a long way”, so your money is well spent. I’d rarely even squeeze the dropper when applying to my cheekbones, because the product was already so intense just sitting on the dropper. I’d simply drag the end of the dropper across where needed, and use my finger to pat the product in. Alternatively you can also use a brush or beauty blender.

This product lasted me over a year. I have a “one –line-a-day-five-year-memory-book” so I say that with absolute certainty as I wrote down the day I got the illuminators.

A full-body glow can also be achieved by adding a few drops to your body moisturiser. Personally, I found this to work better than Charlotte Tilbury’s supermodel body, body highlighter which retails at £45.

(Shine on top, Original bottom)

I’ve tried a lot of highlighters since, but none hit the spot quite like this magical liquid.

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