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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

A light foundation with buildable coverage


Despite being a makeup enthusiast, it’s taken me a long time to hop on the Nars bandwagon. I’ve often admired their aesthetic and when I swatch away at their makeup stations, I’m never disappointed. So I’m surprised it took me until December 2017 to make my first purchase. I started off with their blush “deep throat”. The name alone is enough to make me blush, so I barely need to apply any when I open the compact. However, I've been looking for a light buildable foundation and a bronzer to use as a contour as well as all over bronzer. After some research, I decided to give Nars ago. Here's how it went with the foundation...

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Last week between a morning meeting and having to catch a flight, I rocked up to the Nars store in Covent Garden, London. For once, the store wasn't packed full of people, which meant I could navigate around the shop with my obnoxiously big back pack easily, and not scare people away with my spandex-clad and no-make up look.

I received help from one of the make up artists who chose the products based on what I was saying (powder bronzer without a highlight, light coverage foundation). I wasn’t wearing any product so it was easy to find a colour that matched. The make up artist tested four shades on my jawline and simply applied the foundation with her finger. The foundation was going on very sheer, and I could barely see it. I have FOFC (fear of full coverage) so I was happy with the consistency, and knew I'd be able to build it up if I wanted to. At home, it was a different scenario. Upon first application, I used way too much product! I definitely entered the full coverage zone. If you like your foundation light coverage, I advise only using 1-2 pumps. This is a “a little goes a long way” product.

For application, Nars advises using your hands so I did that. I only recently started using a beauty blender with my other foundation, otherwise I’m usually using my fingers as an applicator. And the only reason I do this is because I’m too lazy to clean my beauty blenders….they get messy and I find them impossible to clean *sigh*

Speaking of pumps, the sheer glow foundation comes in a cute chubby bottle, without a pump. However, a pump can be bought alongside it for £3. This was probably the only downside to the product. Pouring foundation out of a bottle easily gets messy and with the price tag of the foundation already being up there, I think asking customers to pay for a pump is a bit cheeky. Alas, I’m a fan and wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a staple in my make up bag.

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